Get fit for forty - Day 1 / 92

What's in a number?

I never worried about turning 20 or 30.  I never really understood why some people got so worked up by turning a specific number.  Even now on the cusp of turning 40 I don't really think about it much - I mostly think of what I am going to buy myself as a present!

Practice what you preach

Late in 2015 I was in the best shape of my life.  I was coming off the back of a serious knee injury from the previous year and I was determined to bounce back as good as new.  Once my rehabilitation was done and I was given the all clear by my physiotherapist I trained like crazy.  I was weight training three times a week, running or doing cardio sessions once a week and playing touch football once a week.  Five intense training sessions a week, month after month.  I was also eating well, clean and balanced, no soda, hardly any alcohol, but still my daily coffee!  I was getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water.  

Little wonder I was sitting on about 14% body fat.  My foundations were balanced and rock solid.

As the year started to come to an end, life started to get in the way, not all at once, but slowly and incrementally.  Worked started to get crazy busy - I was working longer and longer hours, nights and weekends.  Very stressful.  The family needed a break so we went away on a two week holiday - just sitting on the beach, eating and drinking and not worrying about the world for a while.  When we returned to civilization it was Christmas time (more eating and drinking) followed by New Year (even more eating and drinking).  2016 rolls in and its back to work.  A two week work trip, long flights, client entertaining, meetings and long hours.  After returning home I got sick. Two courses of antibiotics, which didn't do anything, a course of steroids, which just made me blow up like a balloon, and I was feeling awful.

Three months had passed and I felt so far from that high point.  Time to do something about it.

Get fit for forty

92 days until I turn 40.

I was watching Will Smith on the Graham Norton Show a while ago.  He spoke about turning 45 and the rationale behind celebrating this milestone by going skydiving in Dubai.  He reasoned that at 45 he was half way to 90 (given modern medicine).  So in sporting speak it was half time and he was about to go into the third quarter.  The championship quarter, where the game is won and lost and he wanted to start strong and make it count.  

This really resonated with me and whilst I am not 45, I do want to start 40 in my best shape ever and make the next decade the best one yet.

92 days until I turn 40.

Patient 0

Does anyone ever read health warnings or actually take the advice to consult a doctor?!  Well this time I am going to take my own medicine.  I am going to go to my physician to get a check up to make sure everything is ok - I am going to be pushing myself hard and I don't want any surprises.  It's also good to have that baseline.

Speaking of baselines, you have to start with the numbers, so here they are:

  • Weight - 91.3kgs / 201.2lbs
  • Height - 184cms / 6'0
  • Body fat - 17%
  • Muscle - 39.4%
  • Water - 60.6%
  • Bone - 10.6%

In my next Get fit for forty post I am going to talk goals! 

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