Get fit for forty - Day 14 / 92

A tale of two cities

I went into this week feeling pretty good on the back of the first week results.  I hadn't trained as much as I would have wanted last week - I did get three gym sessions in but nothing else.  This week was better and I managed to hit the gym three times again as well as getting to my touch football game (the first in a while).  So I was pretty happy about that and the two tries I scored definitely helped!  Also pleasing was going back to back weeks without missing a gym session and this showed in my compound lifts.  My squat, bench press (dumbbell and barbell), leg press, rows and deadlift all went up.  I was the happiest with my deadlift, doing 4 x 6 @ 140kgs (no straps or belt), which is the heaviest I have lifted in a while.  I felt really strong this week but I am trying to keep my ego in check and just methodically progress.  Avoiding injuries is more important than big gains.

Around my workouts I have been gradually introducing postural and stretching exercises - mostly in the evenings.  It is early days but I can tell that with consistency I'll start to see some results.  Muscle ups continue to be a work in progress.  Man they are HARD!  I still don't feel close but I keep practicing and just building on my chin strength.  I'll probably do a whole post on this at some stage but for the moment I am focusing on strict chin ups (3 x 6), doing single muscle ups with an exaggerated swing / kip and using bands to help with the explosive part of the movement - chest to bar.  I think spending more time on the bar will help so I have started incorporating the ascending and descending monkey bars into the mix.  Needless to say I can feel my back today!  

Mostly this week I am pumped about my handstands.  After last week I felt like I was miles away but this week, with a few more sessions of being inverted, I have really made big progress.  I am still using the wall but I am already starting to judge where it is and pushing off with my feet and holding the free handstand for a solid count.  I really surprised myself today.

Diet wise it wasn't such a great week this week.  It wasn't bad, although there were two evenings of eating icecream and watching American Ninja Warrior!  Fortunately I didn't go backwards but what it showed was that an inconsistent week of eating nullified a solid week of training.  Next week needs to be better!

The results are in

I didn't go backwards (luckily!) but didn't make any real progress either.

Yes, you read it right.  Just 100 grams!  But you only get out what you put in, so I am going to use this as motivation this week to train five days and really focus on my diet.  

Hope you are enjoying my journey so far!

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