Get fit for forty - Day 2 / 92

Day 2 / 92

Don't worry I am not going to post an update everyday!  

Today's is just a quick one to round off the day.  I did hit up my doctor and in terms of the physical I got the all clear.  Not really a surprise, now I just have to wait until tomorrow to get the results of my blood tests.

From today I can check off blood pressure, balance, nervous system, reflexes, eyes and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.  The only negative was my BMI (body mass index) which was around 27.  That's a little higher than the normal (25) but given my low body fat and weight training background it isn't a surprise.  

I did a workout at the gym today and felt really good:

  1. Flat dumbell fly - 3 x 6 @ 22.5kgs
  2. Dumbell row - 3 x 8 @ 35kgs
  3. Barbell squat - 3 x 6 @ 80kgs
  4. Leg extension - 3 x 10 @ 40kgs
  5. Bicep curls - 3 x 8 @ 30kgs
  6. Parallel bar dips - 3 x 6 + 10kg dumbell

45 minutes total with 1 minute rest between sets and exercises.  By the end  I was really blowing and had worked up a serious sweat.  I had earned my lunch today, which was tuna salad sushi - delicious!

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