Goals should be SMART

Train like a MAD scientist

In a previous post, Train like a MAD scientist, I talked about being more scientific about our approach to health and fitness.  By mastering the numbers and being methodical about setting goals, measuring and recording our results we dramatically improve our chances of success.


A health and fitness journey without goals is like a ship without a rudder - doomed to drift directionless with no hope of reaching its destination.

If we want to measure our performance we have to set goals.  A simple and effective way of doing this is to use SMART goals, which can help to make goals simple and clearly define what we are going to do to achieve them.

SMART goals:

  1. Specific - the what, why and how of our goal.
  2. Measurable - goals need to be tangible so that we can record progress and determine success.
  3. Attainable - Goals should be achievable, but present enough of a challenge so that they are a stretch of your capabilities.
  4. Relevant - Does the goal meet your needs and does it align with the other goals that you have outlined for yourself?
  5. Time bound - A goal without a time horizon or deliverable date isn't a goal.


If you haven't already done so, grab a piece of paper and start writing down your heath and fitness goals.  We'd love to hear them!  But don't stop at one, set yourself a whole bunch of goals; do something new, make that lift, cut that split time, make that pose. 

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