Get fit for forty - Day 21 / 92

Back on track

After an indifferent result last week I am back on track!  It's interesting what only a few small changes can make.  The difference between the week gone and the week previous were one extra workout session and a bit more attention to what I put in my mouth!  Food wise I didn't do anything dramatic, it was probably the difference between over doing it on just a few meals in the week.

For the first time in a while I managed to string together five sessions of training this week: my regular three weight sessions, a game of touch and a mixed gym session where I practiced hand stands, muscle ups, did sprints on the ergo (rowing machine) and laps using the weighted sled.  The hand stands are going pretty well and I am going to do some more work this week on building up to doing them without the wall - mostly on how to safely roll out.  More on this in another post I think!

Muscle ups are another story.  They are hard!  I am going to do some more mixed suspension/hanging work this week and introduce some pull up variations into my routine.  I think that one of my issues is just the raw strength required for the initial movement up.  So working on my strict chin ups with some weight is going to be required.  Spreading this extra work over a few sessions in the week is going to be necessary to cover the volume and get enough recovery time.  Technique wise I am going to try (today) using one of the heavy bands to practice the kipping motion to help get over the bar and into the dip.  I experimented with this last week and I think it could work with a stronger band.  Time will tell!  If I can make some progress I'll document some of these tips in a future post.

My mobility work is coming along.  I probably haven't been focussing on this as much as I should be but I am going to make a concerted effort this week to be more consistent with my stretching.  I think I have managed to get my fingers just past my toes - it may only be 1 cm but it is progress!

Tale of the tape

As you can see from the table it was a good week this week - over .5kgs lost!  Body fat is teasing breaking into the 15s and muscle now has a four handle!  I also grabbed the measuring tape and my waist has dropped a good inch.  Not bad for a few weeks work and definitely on track for my 92 day goals.

I hope you are enjoying my journey so far!  Posts have been a little sloppy this past week but I promise to drop a few more this week plus a little extra!

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