Get fit for forty - Day 5 / 92

Funny the difference a day or two can make

After getting a wake up call from the doctor about my cholesterol and resting glucose levels on day 3 I have been madly researching the why, what and how of liver function.  I definitely have a clear idea of what I need to do now and I may as well make myself a human guinea pig and write some posts about it.  Hopefully they help someone else out there.

You've got to set goals

In a previous post I wrote about goals and how to make them but in this post I am going to a set out mine.


The first ones are easy.  I have to significantly reduce my cholesterol and resting glucose levels.  I'd like to reduce them both by 1 mmol/L each, so from 6.8 to 5.8 mmol/L for cholesterol and from 5.6 mmol/L to 4.6 mmol/L for resting glucose.  These numbers won't get me into the normal (safe) zone but will definitely be a very positive move in the right direction.  My next blood test is scheduled for six weeks.

Next in line is body fat.  At 17% that is about 15.5kgs of fat which sounds like a lot!  I want to drop about 5kgs of body fat and sadly most of that is sitting on my waist at the moment - all 39 inches of it.  I need to get my waist back down to 34 inches.  It is going to be tough but I want to put on 2-3kgs of muscle mass at the same time.  92 days, 5 down 87 to go.


I'm not too phased about setting specific goals for my weight training.  I just have to go consistently three times a week for the next 92 days and the progress will come.  So my goal is consistency more than anything else.  What I'd like, by the end of the 92 days, is to be able to do 20 pull ups and a muscle up.  Being lighter should help!

For running my goal is to reduce my splits over 5kms.  I haven't run for a while because of a high hamstring strain, but by the end of the 92 days I want to be running 4.30 sec splits over 5kms for a total time of 22mins 30secs.

Lastly my goals for getting back into yoga are to be able to do a decent back bend and an unsupported hand stand.  Right now I can touch my toes (just!) in a sitting position but I want to be able to wrap my hands around my feet at the end of the 92 days.   

Sounds like a lot to do in 92 days!  Follow me on the journey to get fit for 40.

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